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Bongo's Bingo Down Under


6:00PM 18+
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About the Show

The countdown is on until the official launch of Bongo’s Bingo Down Under. You have purchased your tickets, so now what? Gather your crew for Bingo like you have never experienced it before. Food & beverage will be available on the evening and don’t forget an additional $4 will be charged on entry for your Bingo book and right to play. Get your daubers ready!

Travelling all the way from its home in the UK, the bingo / dance party phenomenon has already garnered a substantial following since the announcement of its first Australian Shows with sell outs in both Sydney and Melbourne with Brisbane sure to follow suit, so those wishing to be a part of all the action best get in early.

Bongo’s Bingo, for those unaware, is Bingo like you have never played it before. Leave your Grannies at home for this one, as it’s nothing like the traditional pastime enjoyed by an older generation with dancing on tables and letting loose pretty much compulsory. Is it a show? Is it a dance party? Is it a club? Is it actually even Bingo? It is a bit of them all really, and much more.

This rather chaotic and ironic version of the normally sedate game will initially launch in Sydney before embarking on a national tour, with the madness presided over by the legendary co-founder Jonny Bongo, who has been at the riotous and comical helm since the show’s inception in 2015. Making a special one time only appearance to get the Bongo’s Bingo party started Down Under, Jonny is a truly larger than life character, who holds the immense honour of the World Record for the biggest ever pub quiz and gleefully presides over each evening of merriment - calling out the numbers, playing hands-in-the-air and dancing-on-the-tables classic tunes and inciting plenty of revelry with packed audiences. 

Doors Opened


Need a feed? Come early and grab some gig food and a beer before the show.

Gig Tips


Save loud or extended convos for after the gig, no matter how witty you are. #neighbourlove



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