Thu 19 May 2022/Fri 20 May 2022
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Sean Dennis
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Consume MGMT, 4ZZZ & The Princess Theatre
With Screamfeeder & The Stress of Leisure

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Doors 7:00PM
Start 7:30PM
Doors 7:00PM
Start 7:30PM


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GA Standing Downstairs
Reserved Seating Upstairs


Regurgitator has been rescheduled once again from January to May 2022.

  • Thursday 20 Jan = Thursday 19 May 
  • Friday 21 Jan = Friday 20 May

A message from the band:

In the interests of public health, have made the inevitable decision to err on the side of caution given the vulnerability of rapid spread and RESCHEDULE the upcoming Brisbane Redux shows next week to later in the year. Further info on this in coming days... appreciate your patience in the meantime. We thank you all for your ongoing support, understanding and patience.

If you require a refund, please follow the steps here. It is imperative that you follow the instructions to ensure your request is actioned correctly. Refund requests must be submitted prior to 5pm on Friday 11 February 2022.

4ZZZ presents

So like the glass half full we face the crowd and just hit play… a trembling jukebox of sustained vibration rachet it all up into a new year with a full cohort of friends to fill your void with sound. Joining togetherness in the jungle will be hometown compadres SCREAMFEEDER who first toured with us on the Unitshifter tour in 1997 with The Avalanches and more - in the spirit of the occasion SF will reign again with a performance of their 1996 album Kitten Licks. Threading the way into the flag we fly is none other than those contemporary pals THE STRESS OF LEISURE performing all music no wave. 

In May 1996, the heavens opened up for the fourteen days SCREAMFEEDER spent at Rockinghorse studios, outside of Byron Bay. From that deluge came Kitten Licks, released that August to a universal sharp intake of breath – this was the definitive Screamfeeder album, the one where Tim and Kellie’s vocals circled and stalked each other, and the guitars soared then crashed. The songs had drive, desperation, and defiance; the sound of three people turning adversity into triumph. More radio-friendly than their previous albums, Kitten Licks launched an impressive run of singles, near-ubiquitous airplay for a couple of years, and cemented their reputation as one of Australia’s great live bands. Twenty-five years on, the record stands unopposed as the high-water mark of one of Brisbane’s greatest musical exports.

“Kitten Licks changed our lives. It brought us together as the band we are today. It had an impact on a lot of other people too. Over the years it’s been noted that this is the album we’ll be remembered for; it was our most successful in terms of sales and was widely acclaimed, it got us a whole legion of new fans, opened up our worlds and sent us out touring Australia solidly for a couple of years.” (Kellie Lloyd).

THE STRESS OF LEISURE might just be a FAUX WAVE band from the subtropics of Brisbane. It is the sound of their absurdity that instantaneously corners and welcomes you. The band are the true underdogs of the music scene - always ready, always strategising and poised for an upset victory. Yeah? Nah? Let them bite your heels with all music no wave.

REGURGITATOR will disturb the fleeting moments to explore the beating heart… and the darkness within debut album Tu-Plang as it drives a stake into the 25 years since it emerged from the jungles of Bangkok. A musical coup de maître traversing the twisted tributaries of this release and what escaped prior.

"After a couple of weeks of this I was a wreck. I recall the very last night of recording vividly. The work complete, the gear packed away. I was spent. I stood at the glass doors, once more peering nervously out at the lamp that marked the start of the path through the marsh. However, this time the light was framed by a calmness. There were no swarming insects. It was bright and unobscured. With care I ventured to the outside. As usual the humidity hit me but this time it seemed comforting. I felt my fear ebb away. I wandered towards the lamp. It’s light cut cleanly into the black but now at its perfect edge lay only plain emptiness. No dark menace or dread, and overhead just the sound of a breeze rifling through the tips of tall grass. In that moment I realised that the monster hidden in the morass had been nothing more than the Record itself. That, even in spite of the countless opportunities it had had to reach out and drag me down into its depths, in the end it had decided to withdraw and, at least for now, let me be…”

Regurgitator presents TU-PLANG REDUX
THURS 20 JAN and FRI 21 JAN 2022 - THE PRINCESS THEATRE woolloongabba Q
featuring visuals by Ken Weston
with special guests SCREAMFEEDER plays Kitten Licks and THE STRESS OF LEISURE plays all music no wave…

Open Season is supported through Tourism and Events Queensland, the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, and both the Live Music Australia Fund and the Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) – initiatives of the Australian Government.

As of 17 December 2021 it is a Queensland State Government mandate that patrons, staff and artists above the age of 16 need to be fully vaccinated with an approved Covid vaccine to enter The Princess Theatre. Please do not purchase a ticket to this event if you will not be fully vaccinated by this performance date. You will need to provide proof of double vaccination upon arrival at the venue and patrons who fail to do so will be refused entry.

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