Archie Roach


Dancing with my Spirit
Supported By Tiddas
7:00PM Under 18s must attend with a Parent or Guardian
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About the Show

It’s been nearly twenty years since Australian audiences have seen the three women of Tiddas take to the stage, but all that’s about to change. The multiple award winning trio, who enjoyed international acclaim in the 1990’s, have decided to reform as a one off, to join Archie Roach on his national Dancing With My Spirit album May/June tour.

What clinched their decision was the unearthing of an old demo, recorded over 25 years ago in Melbourne and produced by Jen Anderson, one of Australia’s only female producers.

From Jen’s cracking arrangements played by some of Melbourne’s best musicians, the album’s heartbeat is undoubtedly the sublime vocals of Tiddas (Amy Saunders, Lou Bennett and Sally Dastey) joining Archie on many of the album’s songs.

Circumstances back then saw the demo shelved and virtually forgotten, until now. By a stroke of luck it was unearthed. Now audiences get to hear these songs brought back to life by Archie and the Tiddas twenty-five years on.

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