The Climate Crisis


Wed 17 February 2021


The Tivoli

Presented By

Think Inc.

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Rescheduled Date
Doors 7:00PM
All Ages*


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Think Inc have rescheduled The Climate Crisis, which was scheduled to take place on Sunday 19 April 2020 to Wednesday 17 February 2021.

If the new date is not suitable, you will be given the opportunity to secure a refund through Ticketmaster. 

This year the world watched in horror as Australia was left scorched over summer. We witnessed the devastating consequences of our warming planet, but it still feels like we're incapable of facing the issue as a nation. Why is that?

Rampant misinformation is to blame.

Michael Mann has dedicated his life to separating fact from fiction, fighting the misinformation around climate change that hinders meaningful action. The American climatologist, geophysicist and director of the Earth System Science Center, is responsible for work that’s been revolutionary in elevating our understanding of global temperatures historically and where we might be headed.

In this speaking event, he wants to put the power in your hands, showing you the impact of the changing climate and what you can do to fight it.

This event will consist of a 20-minute presentation by Michael, followed by a 40-minute conversation between Michael and the event host followed by a Q&A session.