Noah Slee


Fri 31 January 2020
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Noah Slee, known for slick and evocative vocals, released his debut, full-length album Otherland in 2017 and was rewarded with two prestigious Pacific Music Awards in 2018. The secret recipe? - "We were writing a mix-tape, so that it gave us no boundaries”. And Slee is continuing to push boundaries with his upcoming EP, TWICE.

While the indie-club artist holds nostalgia for growing up in a Tongan household in West Auckland, New Zealand, Slee is resolute about his choice to pack up his life and move to Germany in 2015. It’s a long way from home but “a big part of being in Berlin was coming into myself" Slee admits.

Otherland’s diffuse range can be laid at the feet of Noah Slee’s restless geography—but only in part. The spectrum that Otherland occupies is borne of thresholds more diverse than landscape. It wrestles with place as something internal and unstable, something that contains refractory notions of heritage, identity, sexuality and grief.  

Most recently, (having finished up his two world tours and peaking interest at festivals such as SXSW 2018), Slee has been turning his hand to the worlds of visual-art and dance, helping to produce the short-film, …and so, we move to Otherlands, which combines music, dance and aesthetic videography.

Noah's full length EP TWICE dropped in late November; crafted largely by Slee himself with help from his Berlin dynasty of trusted creatives but also showcasing talent from all corners of the globe. Relishing in the potential forces of the arts, Noah Slee is as determined as ever to create wavy ground swells with his heart opening breezy r’n’b dance jams.

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