3 March 2017

Bliss N Eso

Photography By

Matt Palmer

Bliss n Eso have quietly risen to become one of the most popular hip-hop acts in the country and their absolutely NUTS sold out show at The Tivoli proved nothing but that. Guests were treated to a real showcase of hip-hop skill with superspeed raps and unbelievable beats. Needless to say, the boys really whipped the crowd into a frenzy and an amazing time was had by all. 

We EVEN had a proposal on stage mid-set. AWWWWWWW....... love was in the air. 

It must also be noted how graciously and heartfelt the band's tribute to local Brisbane actor Johann Ofner was. Johann tragically died during the filming of a Bliss N Eso film clip not long before the tour kicked off. He was most certainly in the hearts and minds of the 1500-strong crowd in the building that night. 

Thanks for the great images Matt Palmer.