6 October 2017

Dune Rats

Words By

Kat McCulloch

Photography By

Lachlan Douglas

Fairly certain at the completion of these shows I had every single person’s sweat on my body and I definitely didn’t mind. From the minute this ripper of a show was announced, us Tivoli kids knew we were in for a big one and we were not disappointed. The aroma and atmosphere in the venue mimicked that party you all still talk about years later, where your mate got so messed up they thought the garden hose was an entrance-portal to the fifth dimension.

Brissy-babes WAAX popped their Tivoli cherry, kicking the night off with hits like Wild & Weak as well as a damn good cover of Courtney Barnett’s Pedestrian At Best.

Next up was Hockey Dad who we last saw here supporting Grinspoon in July. By this point in the evening the bars were getting absolutely punished, but if anything, it just magnified the energy in the room and on the dance floor, with punters singing along in that off-key drone that we all know and love.

Three quarter time, Wavves graced us with their Cali rock, belting out bunch of new material from their latest release You’re Welcome mixed in with some oldies. The temperature in the room went up by several degrees from all the sweet sweet moves coming from the stage and floor alike, they left us all wanting more and essentially dripping for the main act.

Then Dunies happened. Words can’t effectively describe these boys but let’s just say they were everything you could want and more. Inflatables galore, the crowd sang along to each hit as if it were the last song they’d ever hear with matched enthusiasm excreting from every cell and orifice in whatever form they could muster. By the end of this epic show you could tell everyone had experienced about 420 musical orgasms, with a sea of satisfied faces swarming out the doors and spilling onto the streets, with memories formed of their new fave party story. 

- Words by Kat McCulloch and Photos by Lachlan Douglas