15 December 2018

The Grates

Supported by Good Boy & Pub Choir

Words by

Shannon-Lee Sloane, Scenestr

Photography By

Lachlan Douglas

It’s a rainy, but warm Saturday night (15 December) in Brisbane as I make my way to The Tivoli Theatre to catch a band I have loved for many moons – The Grates.

The Grates ‘Reunited And Excited' tour (that kicked off in Sydney, then travelled to Melbourne and Perth before finishing up in their home town) ended with a bang as Patience, John and original drummer Alana graced the stage and gave fans a beautifully faultless and brilliantly energetic set.

Wearing one of her infamous glittery, tinsel jackets, Patience was shining like some kind of angelic goddess and her performance completely matched her outfit.

Delivering a stellar set filled with all their most-loved tracks including ‘Rock Boys’, ‘Seek Me’ and more, the fans sung along, word for word to almost every song. The room was full of beaming smiles from both the band and fans.

Before breaking into ‘Milk Eyes’, Patience commented: “We wrote this one before we even had kids, this one goes out to all the parents… I mean like how tasty is Combantrin? I mean, I have had worse chocolate than that!”

Patience interacted with the crowd throughout the night; she crowd surfed a few times and was full of bubbles and joy throughout the entire performance.

Saving their first big hit until last, ‘19 20 20’ was well received; the perfect ending to what was a brilliant performance and one of the stand-out shows of the year.