28 May 2017

The Smith Street Band

Vincent Shaw

Words By

Mel Woite

Photography By

Vincent Shaw

Tiv-folk Mel Woite took a moment to reflect on the glory that was two packed-housed Smith Street Band gigs. 


‘twas the weekend of THE SMITH STREET BAND and all thru the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, and then BOOM! Three thousand lucky punters over Saturday and Sunday nights packed into the Tivoli to witness two unforgettable shows. Drinks were flowing, packet crisps a favorite and cotton slinging like no other over both nights.

 The mood was set with ALLISON WEISS killing it on the guit-box, warming the crowd up with her indie- pop vibe and sharing her Australian adventure excitement of holding a koala.  CERES followed with sick alternative- indie tunes that would have won them many a new fan  - then JOYCE MANOR had met everyones expectations with their pop-punk sound. Finally, the piece de resistance, the almighty  SMITH STREET BAND took the stage. The room filled with loyal fans singing along, relieving Wil from straining his exhausted voice.  Almost everyone sang every song, “Birthdays”, “Death to the Lads” and of course “Throw Me in the River” capturing the whole audience with heartbreak and unrivalled passion.

Those who attended were a part of a magical, defining moment for one devoted fan when Wil gave his guitar to him at the end of the gig (SEE BELOW VIDEO). The venue was filled with what felt like the most overwhelming love. Such a surreal experience for all. 


Images by Vincent Shaw

The Smith Street Band give one hell of a gift to a front row fan at The Tivoli