An Evening with Chelsea Manning


Tue 11 September 2018
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Event Passed


The Tivoli

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Think Inc.

Date / Time

Doors 6:00PM
Start 7:00PM
All Ages*


From $87.70


Reserved Seating
All Ages
Under 18s must attend with a Parent or Guardian

We can’t believe we’ve pulled this off. The jailed hero (or traitor, depending where you stand) Chelsea Manning is coming to Australia. 

Chelsea Manning is an American activist, whistleblower, politician and former United States Army Soldier who became a household name after being court-martialled for colluding with Wikileaks. On top of being behind one of the biggest leaks in U.S military history, Manning was also caught and handed the longest and most severe sentence for government whistleblowing to date. 

Convicted with intentionally spilling the beans on nearly 750,000 classified documents, Manning was sentenced to 35 years under lock and key, in 2010. However, she became one of the last to be commuted and released by an initiative of President Barrack Obama permitting Manning to free as a bird by mid-2017. 

Chelsea will talk to Brisbane about her life, how to be a sneak, her time in prison, transgender issues, and how to stop the government and corporations from chipping away at our privacy even more. Buy your tickets and catch a night of one of the most divisive figures of our time, blurring the line between a United States turncoat and hero. 

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