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Hamed Homayoun


Live In Brisbane
7:00PM Under 18s must attend with a Parent or Guardian
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About the Show

Hamed Homayoun become one of the most famous pop singer in Iran in less than 2 years. He is a super star the Guinness World Records holder for highest number of performance per year in the world . He has an astonishing record of 239 sold out concerts in 150 days! 

Mohsen Rajabpour , Hamed Homayoun's Manager said to the media" for the love of meeting Iranian Australian in his very first tour of Australia Hamed Homayoon sacrificed 6 back to back concerts contract in Iran” 

Hamed Homayoon made many heat songs back in Iran Like Chatre Khis. He is performing in State theatre in Sydney before coming to Brisbane for the first time . 

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