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Luke Heggie


Beach Frogs
7:00PM Under 18s must attend with a Parent or Guardian
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About the Show

Four-legged amphibians have always been considered a pest in Australia. Luke Heggie spent a large part of his childhood whacking cane toads with golf clubs. Now he has three frogs in his house.

Luke Heggie has never been accused of being anything other than Australian. His French wife lowered her standards and moved here. They have two children together. This creates less charming faux pas, and more misunderstandings of the non-cute variety. Sometimes he even goes to France to get misunderstood. Luke Heggie tries to speak a little bit of french, but mostly just gets by. Beach Frogs is a show about Australian life, with a bit of French.

It will be in English, peppered with a little bit of amateur French.


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