Nils Frahm


Sun 7 October 2018
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Nils Frahm's tour follows the release of his latest album ALL MELODY in January this year, which received widespread critical acclaim. With his unconventional approach to music, Frahm captures the imagination of music fans across many genres, winning many fans globally.  Exploring alternative ways to incorporate his instruments to his music the album sees pipes turned into drum machines, while his drums would sound like an orchestra of breathy flutes. He also turned his piano into his own voice and any voice into a ringing string.  

All Melody was imagined to be so many things over time and it has been a whole lot, but never exactly what I planned it to be. I wanted to hear beautiful drums, drums I've never seen or heard before, accompanied by human voices, girls, and boys. They would sing a song from this very world and it would sound like it was from a different space. I heard a synthesiser which sounds like a harmonium playing the All Melody, melting together with a line of a harmonium sounding like a synthesiser. “ - Nils Frahm
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