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Life Support Tour
Supported By Glitoris + The Stress of Leisure
7:30PM 18+
Stephen Booth
About the Show

From $45 / General Admission / Standing / 18+ Only

REGURGITATOR just another life support...


Upcoming tour may feature real life actors resembling living people.

Please note assault & batteries are not included.

Any resulting harm or damage is the responsibility of the abuser.

Offenders of the universe beware. Time is now to care.

Viewer insurrection assured. 

Welcome fellow bio-accumulants to the ever-widening waffle world. 

Go for a slip in the deep blue plastic, take a stroll through the open-cut, gulp an inhale of that water favoured gas, bask in that glorious all-over radioactive glow.

As goes the target-orientated rhetoric of music propaganda we won’t be changing your world… rather just a self-energised in-the-moment musical respite from a life support gone critical. Nothing gonna change your world but you. And that world's just a stage… to another level. Break the boss. 

Get with the common cause, and gear up the oncoming narrative to choke that trickle down force feed.

So in this our 24th perennial series of global LIFE SUPPORT comes the latest epidose of artifecal simulation.

Along for the trawl are Canberra’s GLITORIS and where possible Brisbane’s THE STRESS OF LEISURE.

Proactivating some real material flow system with new tunes - DON’T STRESS and LIGHT ME ON FIRE.

Available across the digital board in full reactive control… along with a double A 7 inch plastic version.

Please use more than once and dispose of thoughtfully.

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