Presented by Bang Bang

Shangri-La Queer Disco

Supported By Betty Grumble + DJ Du Jour + Brooke Powers + Theatre Of Thunder + Danny Hotep + Kellie O'Dempsey + Isaac Ismail
7:30PM 18+
Event Passed
About the Show

Welcome to Shangri-La… the mythical, heavenly disco for the queers-mos du nord…

Showcasing the finest in underground queer DJs and performers from around the country, it's the clubbers dream of the north. Music by DJ Du Jour (Syd), DJ Brooke Powers (Melb), DJ Danny Hotep (Melb), Isaac Ismail (Bris) and performances by Betty Grumble (SYD), Theatre of Thunder n’ yes beebee, we kick it old school with visuals, by Kellie O’Dempsie. Choice. Lovely.

Doors Opened


Need a feed? Come early and grab some gig food and a beer before the show.

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