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The Aints play The Saints '73-'78


Play The Saints '73-'78
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On the 40th anniversary of the release of The Saints classic (I’m) Stranded album; founding member, guitarist and songwriter Ed Kuepper will revisit the material performed by the seminal band in an era when suburban Brisbane band to their sound to the world.

Originally spawned in the early nineties The Aints sought to bring justice to the sound and attitude of the original band and the songs that spanned their three ground breaking albums: the 1977 proto-punk classic (I’m) Stranded, 1978’s hugely influential Eternally Yours and later '78’s genre-defying Prehistoric Sounds; albums that have remained in print, as the subject of various compilations and box sets, essays, documentaries, discussion and awe for ALL of their 40 years.

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