Victor Ruiz & Luigi Madonna

Sat 19 February 2022


The Tivoli

Presented By

Eden QLD

Date / Time

Doors 6:00PM


From $35


General Admission

Eden QLD presents 2 of the biggest drumcode techno titans Victor Ruiz and Luigi Madonna for a massive show in Brisbane on Saturday 19 February at the iconic Tivoli Theatre!


With his deeply resonant appreciation for music, Victor Ruiz has established himself as a dynamic selector with the ability to craft compelling sets full of vigour and vibrancy. Born in Brazil and currently based in Europe, he has been a constant presence on the world stage since 2013 and is widely regarded for his mesmerising DJ performances. His extensive travel diary includes visits to New Zealand, Israel, Turkey, the USA, Portugal, Denmark and Argentina. This is an artist who encourages those special moments of self-expression, escapism and catharsis. 

In the studio he is equally adept, releasing a steady flow of first-rate techno productions all of which encapsulate his distinct flair for musicality and energy. Victor’s music has been signed to a number of high-profile labels including Drumcode, Noir Music, Suara, Senso Sounds and many more. He has also produced an exceptional collection of edits including The Prodigy’s ‘Breathe’ and Depeche Mode’s classic ‘Everything Counts’ among others. 

From his early love of heavy metal and the life-changing gift of a bass guitar when he was nine, to exhilarating dance floors all over the world and producing a formidable arsenal of techno weapons, Victor still appreciates the simple things in life, which is reflected in his unfussy approach to his craft. 

Driven by unwavering passion and a desire to inject positive energy into the lives of everyone who listens to his music, Victor Ruiz continues on his lifelong mission with a smile on his face, an open heart and an open mind..’


Luigi Madonna has been a standout talent in the electronic music space for over two decades, loved by audiences and industry peers alike for his magnetic personality both on and off-stage. Absorbing influences from his native Italy, along with those who have gone before him, Luigi has created a definitive sonic palette founded on stripped-back techno and experimental sensibilities that have rightly earned him his place amongst techno’s elite.

A dominating figure on the DJ circuit in possession of infectious enthusiasm and a uniquely dynamic presence, Luigi has become a firm favourite at many of the best clubs and festivals around the globe including Awakenings, Sonus and Hideout, in addition to his residencies as at both Watergate, Berlin and Fabric, London to name a few. But it is perhaps the hidden depths of his hard drive that lies the real evidence of this truly versatile artist; experimental music that may never be released, acts as a breeding ground for the ideas found in his uniquely fluid strain of Techno.

Equally vital to Luigi’s ascendency into the top tier has been an impeccable stream of records via benchmark labels such as Drumcode, Second State and REDIMENSION, that have established his authority within the minimal techno realm. Raised on the sounds of Frankie Knuckles, Louis Vega and David Morales, Luigi’s early years in House have continued to shape his production output; an influence that has not only defined his style but has set him on a creative path to innovation.

Pioneering a nouveau strain of purist techno, Luigi’s unique sound remains tethered to the roots of his early works, however, unrelenting in his forward momentum and pursuit of experimental sounds, his ever-flourishing discography has continued to evolve with the times, leading the circuit into new territories with this hypnotic contrast of old and new.