Rob Hirst, Sean Sennett & Roz Pappalardo


Sat 7 March 2020
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Event Passed

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Roz Pappalardo, Rob Hirst and Sean Sennett

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Doors 6:30PM
Start 7:30PM


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Rob Hirst & Sean Sennett, and Roz Pappalardo combine forces to launch their latest music – Rob Hirst & Sean Sennett with their EP, Driver Reviver, and Roz Pappalardo, her latest single, Let it Go.

Rob Hirst and Sean Sennett

Rob Hirst and Sean Sennett’s new EP, ‘Driver Reviver’, was recorded over a sweltering weekend in Brisbane and delivered with all the intensity and joyful possibilities the open road can offer. A ‘story-song’ if ever you’ve heard one, the tune tells how the protagonist “meets a girl who volunteers at the Driver Reviver roadside safety stop. She makes him bad coffee, but they like the same bands. They form their own band, buy a rundown house on the highway, and move in together. They live happily ever after: at 'home, all alone, in the drone of the motorway”.

Roz Pappalardo 

If there is one thing certain about a music career, it’s that they rarely evolve in a straight line – there are always creative detours and diversions. The best artists know just to roll with it. To open their minds and try something new. And there are few finer examples of that in Australian music today than Roz Pappalardo. Roz’s first single release, 'Let it Go', from her upcoming album is raw, real, visceral and alive.